W pudełku z lakierami

Barry M, Pink Flamingo
Barry M, Pink Sapphire Glitter
Barry M, Ruby Glitter
Barry M, Textured Nail Effect, Atlantic Road
Barry M, Textured Nail Effect, Kingsland Road

Catrice, 420 Dirty Bery
Catrice, 680 Khaki Perry
Catrice, 900 Steel My Heart
Catrice, Candy Shock, C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!
Catrice, Candy Shock, C02 Play It Blue
Catrice, Candy Shock, C04 Vanilla Love
Catrice, Cucuba, C01 Sunny Side
Catrice, Cucuba, C02 Reggaeton
Catrice, Gold Leaf Top Coat Limited Edition SpectaculArt

Chanel, 531 Peridot

China Glaze, Glitz’n Pieces
China Glaze, Midtown Magic
China Glaze, Mrs Claus
China Glaze, Ruby Pumps
China Glaze, Texture, Bump&Grind
China Glaze, Twinkle Lights

Dermacol, 06 Neon Purple

Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper, 02 Julia
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper, 03 Hello, Holo
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper, 11 Disco, Disco
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper, 12 Holo, Topping, Please
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper, 15 Glitter On Me
Essence, Colour&Go, 103 Space Queen
Essence, Colour&Go, 140 Gold Bold!
Essence, Colour&Go, 67 Make It Golden
Essence, Nail Art 03 Silver Surfer

Essie, Angora Cardi
Essie, Bahama Mama
Essie, Big Spender
Essie, Bobbing For Baubles
Essie, California Coral
Essie, Case Study
Essie, Cashmire Barthrobe
Essie, Chinchilly
Essie, Chubby Cheeks
Essie, Coat Azure
Essie, Come Here!
Essie, Crewed Interest
Essie, Cut As A Button
Essie, Damsel In A Dress
Essie, First Timer
Essie, Forever Yummy
Essie, French Affair
Essie, Go Overboard
Essie, In Stitches
Essie, In The Cab-ana
Essie, Island Hopping
Essie, Laquered Up
Essie, Lilacism
Essie, Mademoiselle
Essie, Master Plan
Essie, Merino Cool
Essie, Mezmerised
Essie, Mink Muffs
Essie, Mint Candy Apple
Essie, Mojito Madness
Essie, Muchi, Muchi
Essie, Nice Is Nice
Essie, Over The Edge
Essie, Peach Daiquiri
Essie, Power Clutch
Essie, Rose Bowl
Essie, Sand Tropez
Essie, School Of Hard Rocks
Essie, Sexy Divide
Essie, Size Matters
Essie, Status Symbol
Essie, Tart Deco
Essie, The Lace Is On
Essie, Topless&Barefoot
Essie, Trophy Wife
Essie, Very Structured
Essie, Vested Interest
Essie, Watermelon
Essie, Where’s My Chauffeur?

Estee Lauder, Pure Color, 21 Pure Red

Gabrini, Summer Edition M110

Golden Rose, Fantastic Color, Nr 135
Golden Rose, With Protein, Nr 336

Gosh, Special Edition, 549 Holographic Hero

Inglot, 021
Inglot, 345
Inglot, 358
Inglot, 368

Kiko, 313
Kiko, 333
Kiko, 335
Kiko, 347
Kiko, 375
Kiko, 386
Kiko, 389
Kiko, Quick Dry 807
Kiko, Sugar Matt 636

Kobo, 35 Warsaw

L’Oreal, 828

Lovely, Crystal Strenght, Nr 375
Lovely, Must Have, Naturalist, Nr 6
Lovely, Must Have, Optymistic, Nr 3

Manhattan Lotus Effect 59L
Manhattan, Quick Dry 60 seconds  25G

Max Factor, Max Effect, Mini Nails Polish 45 Fantasy Fire

Miss Sporty, biały lakier do końcówek Et Voila
Miss Sporty, Nr 080
Miss Sporty, Nr 453

Miyo, 104 Coco

My Secret, 148 Mint
My Secret, 168 Fruit Cocktail
My Secret, Top Coat Nr 104

OPI, Cajun Shrimp
OPI, Can’t Find My Czechbook
OPI, Charged Up Cherry
OPI, Do You Lilac It?
OPI, DS Extravaganse
OPI, Every Month Oktoberfest
OPI, I Vant To Be A-Lone Star
OPI, Kiss Me On My Tulips
OPI, Liquid Sand, Can’t Let Go
OPI, Liquid Sand, Stay The Night
OPI, Manicurist Of Seville
OPI, My Boyfriend Scales Walls
OPI, My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours!
OPI, My Vampire Is Buff
OPI, No Room For The Blues
OPI, Opi … Eurso Euro
OPI, Opi Ink
OPI, Pink Yet Lavender
OPI, Pirouettte My Whistle
OPI, Privacy Please
OPI, Shorts Story
OPI, Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs
OPI, Suzi’s Hungary Again!
OPI, The "It" Color
OPI, Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue
OPI, You Don’t Know Jacques!
OPI, You’re Such A Budapest

Orly, Rage
Orly, Sapphire Silk

P2, Crack Ling Top Coat 020 Silver Blast

Rimmel, Salon Pro 227 New Romantic
Rimmel, Salon Pro 313 Cocktail Passion
Rimmel, Salon Pro 317 Hip Hop
Rimmel, Salon Pro 500 Peppermint
Rimmel, Salon Pro 703 Rock N Roll
Rimmel, Salon Pro 711 Punk Rock

Sally Hansen, Lustre Shine 006 Lava

Sensique, Fantasy Glitter, Nr 210

Sephora, Nr 67

Seventeen, Rock Hard Red

Vipera, Roulette 36
Vipera, Roulette 40
Vipera, Roulette 41

Wibo, Art Liner biały
Wibo, Express Growth, Nr 310
Wibo, Express Growth, Nr 350
Wibo, Extreme Nails, Nr 422
Wibo, Gel Like, Gosia Blue Lake
Wibo, Gel Like, The Oleskaaa  Peaches and cream
Wibo, So Matte Nr 10

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